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Range of products

We offer a wide range of copper wires, copper sheet metal products, band irons, flat bars and many other products!

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Copper wire rod

We offer the highest quality copper wire rod of minimum purity  99.95% Manufacturer: KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Copper wire rod

We offer copper wires for a wide scope of applications. Diameter ranges from 0.10 mm to 12.0 mm,  rolled, wound around non-returnable spools or coils.

Earth wire and accessories

We offer a wide range of earth elements made of copper, coated with copper and aluminium ones.

Copper and copper-coated flat bars and band irons

We offer band irons in the form of coils and flat bars in the form of straight sections.

Silver and semi-products made of silver

Our offer includes silver of purity 99.99 % – as granulated products and semi-products, (manufacturer KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.) as well as sheets, bands, wires, pipes, solders and anodes made of silver. Silver refinement.

Assembly and maintenance of production lines

We also offer services such as assembly, disassembly and maintenance of production lines. We cooperate with many partners both in Poland and abroad.

Retail and wholesale orders

We execute both retail and wholesale orders. Individual approach to clients and negotiations of copper wire prices

Regular supply

We ensure timely and professional execution of orders. We are in constant contact with our contractors to ensure continuity of supply

Wide range of products

W & A Poland Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of copper products (copper wires, copper sheets and band irons, copper flat bars)

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